Wildly Therapeutic journeys allow us to address the feelings you’re experiencing, acknowledge them for what they are in the mind and body and realign them with The Truth so you can gain clarity, get unstuck and step into the freedom that God gives.

Feeling like the pit is your permanent home.

Feeling like the diagnosis is your destiny.

Feeling like the problem is your identity.

Feeling like the pain is your eternity.

But it’s just that…a feeling, and the only thing wrong with it, is that it’s not aligned with the TRUTH.

Our world offers a temporary ease that leaves us right back where we started when its effects wear off, but you’re tired and want something lasting.

Wildly Therapeutic journeys teach about a peace that surpasses all understanding and that is accessible just by talking to God.

You’re tired of repeating patterns that need to change and the people around you have a patience that’s growing thin…it’s starting to cause problems in your relationships, finances, work life and often leaving you feeling isolated and alone.

Wildly Therapeutic journeys create space for true reflection held in love, offering you a new perspective to try on so that you can take full responsibility, make beneficial shifts and practice a life of peace.

Women of all ages who want to cultivate a life full of God’s peace

Women who do not yet know God but are curious to learn more

Moms, entrepreneurs, career women, students, young adults, single, married, or widowed

Women who are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, depressed, exhausted, grieving, afraid, confused, happy, content, curious, hungry for more and/or ready to experience more of what God has to offer


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step 1

Connection Call (free) - If you’re curious at all about the peace I’ve been talking about, take a few minutes and set up a call with me. We’ll take about 15 minutes to connect and find out if Wildly Therapeutic is right for you. (If it looks like we would be a good fit, we will move forward to Step 2.)

How It Works:

step 2

Encounter Call (free) - This is where we get into IT…all of IT. On this call we will get clear on what it is that you’re facing and how Wildly Therapeutic can support you personally. By the end of our conversation we will both decide together if Wildly Therapeutic is the next best step. (If we decide to work together, we move to Step 3.)

step 3

Choose Your Journey - Together we will choose one of the Wildly Therapeutic offers that best suits your personal desires for growth and peace, in alignment with your willingness to invest your time, energy and resources, to participate wholeheartedly.

step 4

Begin your journey!
Online via virtual calls or In person near Vancouver, Washington USA

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And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

- Philippians 4:7

Peace shows up when
truth is honored.

"a well of deep truth"

Sharing space with Tabitha, brought forward a deep well of truth that was waiting to be embraced and in her presence I felt seen in my fears, in my doubts, and in my deep desire to be understood.

"at my darkest moments, I felt loved, accepted, and free"

Tabitha has an uncanny way of connecting in such an authentic way. She incorporates creative approaches that I feel she intuited just for me. Even at my darkest moments, I felt loved, accepted, and free to just be me. She truly is a gift to the world, and a healer, and I feel blessed to have met her!
- B

"these sessions gave me my voice back"

These sessions gave me my voice back, my ability to express myself clearly and concisely for a goal.
- M

"I was able to come back to my peace"

When Tabitha held space in a moment of frustration, I was able to come back to my peace. I felt calm and comfortable in her presence.
- w