1. Initiation Journey

Give yourself time to reintroduce yourself to peace within your body, mind and soul.
1 hour video conference call or in person session

let's work together

2. Guided Journey

Build the path to your peace by showing up consistently to space created for you to grow and heal and let go of what is no longer serving you. - Access to Wildly Therapeutic Community, 3 sessions virtually or in person, 1 hour each

3. Deep Dive Journey

Commit yourself to the path of peace within your being by building a foundation to support your Wildly Therapeutic life. - Access to Wildly Therapeutic Community, 1 hour sessions per week for 8 weeks

If you’ve ever caught yourself looking in the mirror and wondering who the person is looking back at you, you’re not alone. 

What got you to this place didn’t happen overnight. It’s likely been building up for some time. 

Disconnection and tension in your relationships, stressful and anxious feelings about work or family, and feeling emotionally overwhelmed by simple daily tasks end up being the result of what’s happening inside of you. 

You feel exhausted, defeated, irritable, overwhelmed, moody, and stuck. The mental overload you’re experiencing weighs on you to the point that you feel there’s a darkness hovering over you that you just can’t shake off. 

The thing is, “shaking off” these feelings isn’t something you’re able to do overnight either. Maybe you’ve tried searching online for advice about talking to your partner, how to sleep better, how to manage emotional overwhelm, or even how to save money. No matter how much effort they take, the tips you find leave you feeling uninspired and more confused about what steps to take next. 

When you’re struggling to see your worth in the world and find your purpose, it can feel like any well-meaning advice barely scratches the surface. 
As much as you want a quick fix, it isn’t too long before you find yourself right back in the thick of it. The combination of these ongoing experiences creates a feeling of chaos in every area of your life. The chaos in your mind, body, and spirit leads you to feeling out of control, stuck, hopeless, and like you can’t get your mind to stop racing.

This inner chaos leads to concerns about how lost you’re feeling and has started to consume your thoughts, leading to even more anxious and low feelings. Before long you notice your relationships are strained with unresolved problems or you have physical discomforts set in. These have become the norm. 

You might even be feeling incapable of communicating surrounding your feelings, your needs, and/or your desires. 

These feelings are not uncommon. Nearly every person has felt this at one point or another. They’re all a part of our human experience . However, your feelings in these areas don’t need to be constantly debilitating every time they arise. 

Maybe you’ve tried to fix these problems and are looking for an alternative to traditional therapy. Maybe other methods have helped you for a few weeks or months, only to deal with the same low feelings and mental anguish again at a later time.


When you try to solve a problem from the chaos you’re experiencing, you create more of the same chaos.
You cannot create from that way of being and expect a different outcome. You’ll just get more of the same. 
When you address only the symptoms of the problem, instead of the root cause going on within yourself, you will only find temporary relief.

You’re tired and ready for a new perspective. 
And the good news is - traditional counseling and therapy isn’t the only answer. There are really effective, alternative therapies for mental health that can help you too.

Wondering what to do instead of therapy?
Welcome to Peace Guidance and Coaching.

While it’s true that there will inevitably be things in life that feel challenging, you have the ability to walk through these situations with grace and ease. Often, more than you even give yourself credit for. Are you willing to believe you have more power over your inner world and how you feel everyday? What if it were possible, in a moment of chaos, to feel completely calm, centered, and confident?

I’m here to tell you that this is more than possible for you. Not only do you get to experience freedom and feel peace in every area of your life, I know you’re supposed to. Once you know how to do this, the chaotic and messy circumstances around you no longer determine whether you’re experiencing peace or not.

There are tools to help bring you back to a centered place of peace and to the ease within yourself.

Sound like a radical idea? We know. But I promise you, it’s not. It’s also much more possible than you have been led to believe. 

I’m here to help you stop living with the constant chaos in your body, mind, and spirit. Even if you’ve tried other ways of finding relief with no long lasting results, that’s still a good sign. It means you’re open to change and seeking help; this is the foundational first step: Willingness.
Traditional methods have their place. But if you’ve tried them without the results you were hoping for, it can feel extremely frustrating. And now you’re seeking an alternative to talk therapy.

Imagine looking through binoculars that are pointed at an object right in front of you. What do you see? Nothing except blurry outlines and color. There’s no clarity when you’re looking through a lens meant for greater distance. It’s almost impossible to identify what’s right in front of you. 

Your mental state and feelings work similarly. When you are solely focused on the problems, or looking at your problems with a microscope, it becomes more difficult to see any solutions or the next step forward. 

You can feel lighter. You can feel confident that you’re able to find freedom from the chaos, no matter what comes up in life.

If you don’t want to be in pain anymore, you’ve come to the right place. With support, love, and guidance from experienced travelers on this healing path, you will discover peace as you have never experienced before.
I can guide you in knowing how to come back to your free and peaceful center again, and again, and again. 
Staying in survival mode has lasting effects. When you’re in survival mode it consumes almost every thought you have. Your ability to intentionally choose a different thought pattern or response is nearly impossible from this state.

When you don’t know how to recenter yourself, you’ll settle for numbing behaviors to find relief from the incessant chaos inside your body and mind. Scrolling on your phone, binge eating, and turning your brain off with the help of Netflix are a few unhelpful ones. Numbing is the sign that this chaos exists inside you. The longer this emotional pain goes on, the more it turns into physical pain and chronic illnesses. This then causes more discomfort and your efforts to escape it or relieve it continue. Without the tools to manage emotional overwhelm, the struggle within turns into a defeating cycle.

The first step in recognizing and ending this cycle is being willing to approach your life and your beliefs differently. Could it be possible that peace is attainable at any given moment? Are you willing to believe in your own power to shift your inner world?

You don’t have to keep searching online for things like relationship advice or tips to manage overwhelm. There are ways to address what’s really going on under the surface of these struggles with a Wildly Therapeutic Peace Guide.

If you’re ready to finally free yourself, I’m here to give you the support, perspective, tools, and guidance that will help. 

You’ll become empowered to live life to the fullest. Clarity, freedom, and peace will be your new and consistent experience and friends.  

Decisions will become easier and you’ll step forward in the face of fear. You won’t panic at the first sign of old feelings and chaos popping up. You’ll know how to identify what’s going on and trust yourself to shift out of the place of chaos and into peace.

This is a safe place to rediscover your breath, your voice, your dreams and your power. In a world of comparison and busyness, it is easy to lose sight of who you are and why you’re here. The weight of the universe no longer has to rest on your shoulders.

You will see the world and those around you through eyes of gratitude and joy.

Are you ready to rediscover your peace within and finally come home to your true self?

here's why...

"a well of deep truth"

Sharing space with Tabitha, brought forward a deep well of truth that was waiting to be embraced and in her presence I felt seen in my fears, in my doubts, and in my deep desire to be understood.

"at my darkest moments, I felt loved, accepted, and free"

Tabitha has an uncanny way of connecting in such an authentic way. She incorporates creative approaches that I feel she intuited just for me. Even at my darkest moments, I felt loved, accepted, and free to just be me. She truly is a gift to the world, and a healer, and I feel blessed to have met her!
- B

"these sessions gave me my voice back"

These sessions gave me my voice back, my ability to express myself clearly and concisely for a goal.
- M

"I was able to come back to my peace"

When Tabitha held space in a moment of frustration, I was able to come back to my peace. I felt calm and comfortable in her presence.
- w