1. Initiation Journey

Experience peace guidance in a 1 to 1 session. This is an opportunity to taste and see the light that can shine in your darkness, discover the difference from traditional therapy & counseling and gain a new perspective on old and unwanted stories you’ve been living.

40 min sessions

ways to work with me:

2. Guided Journey

Designed to get you unstuck, move you forward and help keep the light shining in your darkness. Build on what you’ve started and gain new strategies to use, receive true peace, and find freedom in and power over your emotions.

3 sessions - 40 minutes each

3. Deep Dive Journey

This multi-week intensive is set-up to build a foundation of peace to your inner world and bring change to the world around you. This journey creates daily practices, invokes new thought patterns and provides space to learn from other women in the community, all while learning to become a witness to a peace that surpasses all understanding and seeing what it can do in and through your life. With each iteration of this journey, the group of women changes and possesses a unique quality based on those in attendance. Journeying together, we learn, grow and heal.

8 group sessions - 40-80 minutes each 
2 individual sessions - 40 minutes each

"a well of deep truth"

Sharing space with Tabitha, brought forward a deep well of truth that was waiting to be embraced and in her presence I felt seen in my fears, in my doubts, and in my deep desire to be understood.

"at my darkest moments, I felt loved, accepted, and free"

Tabitha has an uncanny way of connecting in such an authentic way. She incorporates creative approaches that I feel she intuited just for me. Even at my darkest moments, I felt loved, accepted, and free to just be me. She truly is a gift to the world, and a healer, and I feel blessed to have met her!
- B

"these sessions gave me my voice back"

These sessions gave me my voice back, my ability to express myself clearly and concisely for a goal.
- M

"I was able to come back to my peace"

When Tabitha held space in a moment of frustration, I was able to come back to my peace. I felt calm and comfortable in her presence.
- w